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2008 "Red Suit" Survey


The Man in the Red Suit Survey - Santa Statistics 2008

For immediate Release Monday, November 10, 2008 10:00 a.m. PST


The following “Santa Statistics” were collected in a survey sent out to over 1300 Real Bearded Santas in October of 2008.   342 “Real  Bearded” Santas responded to the survey.  Information from this survey tells us that families visiting Santa will find that the average “real-bearded” Santa is:


59.32 years


68.68 inches


253.69 pounds


58.2% Blue,  17.2% Brown,  19.3% Hazel,  5.3% Green


90.9% are married an average of 24.72 years



Grand Kids


Great Grand Kids:


Why or How did you become a Santa:

Co-Worker/Friend asked me:     31.2%

Family asked me:                              16.3%

I saw, I liked, I became                   38.0%

  Higher Education:

86.2% college   AA= 16.6% BA= 23.7%  Masters= 11.2%  PHD/DR =3.8%  

Military Service:


Where do you work:


Internet visits:

48.5 % Malls; 40.3% Parties; .08% New;

9.6% Charity Work Only

6% (Often in addition to the above work)

Years as a Santa:

Real or Designer Beard:

12.6 years

96.5% have a real Beard

Days each year in the Red Suit:

Number of Children seen in a year:

36  days

2708  (Some Santas report numbers as high as 45,000)

Have you appeared in a Parade:

 Yes    43%

 What is Santa’s Favorite Cookie:

Chocolate Chip                                 55.3%

Oatmeal Raisin                                 23.1%

Peanut Butter                                      7.0%

Sugar Cookie                                         6.1%

Santa’s Favorite Holiday Beverage:

Hot Cocoa                                           35.2%

Milk                                                       32.7%

Coca Cola                                             13.1%

Hot Cider                                              7.3%

What is Santa’s Favorite Holiday Song:

Santa Claus is coming to town         21.3 %

White Christmas                               20.0%

Silent Night                                        16.3%

Rudolph the Red Nosed                14.3%

What is Santa’s Favorite Holiday Movie

Miracle on 34th Street                    49.7%

It’s a Wonderful Life                        18.1%

Santa Clause                                      22.7%

Santa’s Favorite Reindeer:

Rudolph                                               63.4%

Santa’s Favorite Book:

The Night Before Christmas         76.0%

Polar Express                                      14.3%

What does Santa Drive:

26.6% Pick-up,  24.5% sedan,  23.4% SUV,  15.2% Van,   3% Sport, 2.3% Hybrid, 0.6%

Does Santa ride a Motorcycle too?:

18.1% ride motorcycles



Based upon the survey results and projected to include the total number of Malls and Shopping Centers in the U.S., or the total number real bearded Santas in our data base (1043), the following figures were computed.

Estimated  # of children seen by Santas:

5,546,287 children each Holiday Season

Est. # of children to visit a Santa in 2008*:

15,492,000 children


*Estimate based on average daily number of children to a Santa, times 40 days, times the # of malls and centers having a Santa. Approximate # of Malls and Centers, 1500, supplied by ICSC, Int’l Council of Shopping Centers.



This Survey was compiled by Timothy Connaghan, President, the Kringle Group, LLC and Founder of the Red Suit Society a special association of men and women whose personal contributions, studies and volunteer efforts demonstrate that they share the responsibility to maintain and perpetuate the magic and mystery of Santa Claus.



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